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Cliftonville Hockey Club has existed in the Thanet area since 1926. 

We currently run six sides for both men and women. 

We at the hockey club believe we have a part to play in the community, especially for the youngsters, and that developing this side of the club is vital to securing the future of the club. 

We are introducing a Youth Development Scheme at the moment and want to make hockey available to anyone who wishes to have a go. 

We currently have volunteers within the club who are going to be trained to become qualified coaches. It is then our intention to go out into the community to promote hockey and give the opportunity to anyone who wishes to try the sport.

There are many clubs being forced to merge to survive or simply folding elsewhere in the country. We are determined to not let this happen to Cliftonville. 

To this end, our ideal setup would be to have our own clubhouse with our own pitches outside it. Because of the lack of facilities in the past, Cliftonville has lost many talented players who have had to move out of the area to further their development. 

The best-known example of this is Sean Kerly who started his senior hockey career at Cliftonville. Sean was a leading light in the Great Britain gold medal winning side at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. Imagine the publicity for the area had Sean been able to stay with Cliftonville. 

That would be our ultimate aim and we must start somewhere. So for now, we need to lay the foundations for such ambition by securing a top facility for the area and Cliftonville Hockey Club.

We would be happy to discuss this further with you and how your support for our facility and development programme could be advertised. The facility, once completed, would be available for social functions as we hope the venue will be able to cater for around 150 people. 

There would be the benefits of free associate membership for those contributing to the project.

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