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Getting Joe Home - The Fundraiser


Joe ShawEarly last year Joe came home from Australia for a brief visit to see family and friends before planning to return to Oz where he worked as a self-employed plasterer. Whilst only being back in Kent for 4 weeks, on the 17th March 2018 Joe decided to catch up with some friends on a night out in Ramsgate when he was set upon on his way home in an unprovoked attack. Joe was taken to King College Hospital in London were he was left fighting for his life in a coma. Due to the severity of the attack Joe has suffered brain damage to the right side of his brain leaving him unable to walk, talk and do things for himself. However, after nearly losing his life Joe has already made amazing progress and now has full mental capacity along with most of his memories! To communicate Joe uses a letter board and spells everything out that he wants to say using his right index finger. He is able to hold full conversations via his letter board and loves to have a laugh and joke, a lot of the time at his carer’s expense as I have found out myself, ha ha!

In the short amount of time I have known Joe he has amazed me. His determination and inner strength is inspiring to all that meet him. I’ve loved being able to work with Joe as well as witness the progress he has made such as, saying new words, brushing his own teeth and learning to feed himself with a spoon.

Joe’s mum Nancy expressed how desperate she and the family are to get Joe home where he belongs, but due to needing to adapt their home it is not possible yet. Both of Joe’s parents are also self-employed meaning the financial impact has been immense on the family. Anyone within the disability world will tell you how daunting and frightfully expensive it is. You have to fight for everything, and frequently you don't get what is needed and end up paying ridiculous prices for things yourself. For Joe to be able to go home, the Family will need to have wheelchair access leading up to the house, the doors in the house need to be widened and a room for Joe would need to be built to suit his needs. This is just the start, not to mention other areas that need funding such as equipment that Joe will need to help him on the road to recovery.

Joe's hopes that being disabled will only be temporary and that his determination, positivity and incredible sense of humour will get him through this ordeal, however long it takes!!!! So for this reason (as well as many more) I will be doing a 100 mile run this month to kick start some fund raising for Joe and his family. I will also be doing cake sales at work over the coming weeks, and over the next few months there will be other events planned.

Please help Joe by sponsoring me in my run and together let’s GET JOE HOME!


Thank you for your time,

Vicki Holden (Ladies 2nd XI)



Update - Vicki has completed all 100 miles! Please drop the cause some money, and look out for more fundraisers near you!