Cliftonville Hockey Club

Established 1926

When & Where ?

Wednesdays 7-9pm at St Lawrence's waterbased pitch. Please ensure you are kitted up and ready sweat by 7:20.


Headcoach: Andy Mair


Age: 51

Hockey Experience: 40 years or so
Favourite drill: Anything that has an intensity that requires concentration on technical skills and makes you work hard physically
Favourite skill: Players that have the ‘vision’ that enables them to make a quality pass or tackle
Pet peeve: ‘Win at all costs’ people, be they players or coaches, who are not willing to see the ‘spirit’ of the game
Aims: To build on the good habits and minimise the bad ones


Previous hockey roles (In club and out of club):

Coaching: A variety of senior schools, Canterbury Ladies Indoor (National League), Marjons Men and Ladies, University of Kent (Indoor and outdoor)
Umpiring: World Panel level.
World Cups: Munchengladbach, New Delhi, The Hague (as Video Umpire)
Beijing Olympic Games
Champions Trophy, Rotterdam
Euro Nations - Barcelona, Munchengladbach, London (as Video Umpire) 
Euro Hockey League Finals X3
And a wide variety of European and domestic competitions


Mens Coach: Tariq Marcano



Hockey Experience:
Favourite drill:
Favourite skill:
Pet peeve: