Cliftonville Hockey Club

Established 1926

Annual Subscriptions for this year have undergone a massive refurbishment to give players the recognition they deserve for a season-long commitment to their team and the club.

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Junior Membership Webform

As part of the ongoing challenge to keep details safe and up to date, we're asking that ALL parents of our Youth members fill in our WebForm. This can be accessed by clicking here.

Please find below a brief outline for the 2017/18 Subs and Rewards Scheme:

*Please note that "No Pay No Play" will be enforced for Adult & Colt Members in time for the first match of 2018 (13th January 2018)*
Senior Subs:
There are 3 options for adult subs.

Senior 1 & (2):
If you are expecting to play full-time, the total payment due will be £275 (or £46 per month, payable November - April). 

Senior 3:
If you are unsure of your level of commitment for the season, perhaps paying per match would best suit you. £50 Club membership, and then £15 per match.


Colt Subs:
The Colt subs options are the same, but the prices are lowered to half the adult rate. A Colt is classed as a junior (under 18 year old) and students in full-time education.

Colt 1 & (2):
Total Colt subs for full-time players are £130 (or £22 per month, payable November - April).

Colt 3:
This option is for part-time players and involves paying £30 Club membership, and then £7 per match.


Junior Subs:
Juniors are classed as those to go to our junior training on Wednesdays 6-7pm who are under the age of 12. The total payment is just £60 (or £10 per month, payable November - April).

To pay by bank transfer or standing order, please use the name of the member as a reference...

  • Acc: 52258041
  • S/C:60-14-05



The CHC Rewards Scheme (2017/18 season) is here


**Junior Volunteer Info**

Anybody who volunteers for the junior section, and can commit to 75% of all sessions, will receive free subs for one junior who attends. Should you not have a junior at training, your reward will be taken from your adult subs.

Terms and Conditions:

• If you are currently in a paid, or payment in kind, position within the club you cannot claim this reward (but are eligible to claim for any other voluntary roles) • Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further info